The Snow Selective

Feed the Passion.

There is no better feeling than riding the perfect line… that run where you're first up the mountain there’s not a cloud in the sky and you drop in to find untouched snow, you pick up speed and the wind is rushing past you, every turn you feel nothing but bottomless snow, you’re completely in the zone and fully immersed in the moment.

The perfect line that creates an unforgivable experience that you cannot wait to chase again, this is the most pure sensation and it is what every rider will chase. If you’ve ever experienced that feeling then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

The most passionate people want only to spread the good vibes and share those experiences that give us the feeling of being free. We think less about the Ski Industry as a hobby and more as a mindset. Live positively, Do what you Love, Love what you Do. It’s for these reasons we want to provide a way in which our professional knowledge gained over decades can be passed on to those on their own journey. Whether you are looking to get started in your progression and find the perfect Instructor to help with your technique or need technical questions answered. We have the expertise.

If you are looking for information on Ski or Snowboard equipment, we have an extensive understanding on what the best option is to suit your needs. Everything from specifically designed equipment for particular riding, how to judge conditions and choose the right set up, certain apparel that is necessary for your comfort or anything else you want to know.

The Snow Selective is a team dedicated to helping anyone in the Ski Industry or those looking to get in. We were all in that position looking from the outside of the industry and wondering what are the right decisions to make. We want to guide you and supply the relevant information to put you on the right path to success right from the get-go.

Tell us a little about yourself, what you want to accomplish, how you want to achieve it and by when, we live off the love of helping those that want to further their passion and push towards their goal. The information you provide us with will be used to match you with the right instructor ensuring your success.

The Snow Selective.

Our Focus is to Feed your Passion


Do what you Love


Love what you Do