What is The Snow Selective?

The Snow Selective is a passionate alliance of Ski and Snowboard instructors with-in the Snow Industry looking to help beginners of all different skill levels on and off the snow. Our diverse Team is from all over the world and work at many different Ski Resorts with decades of experience across many different areas. Our Goal is to provide our clients with as much helpful information as possible.

What does The Snow Selective offer?

Consider us your Insider Knowledge! We understand the challenges of planning a Ski Holiday, travelling to a different country, choosing a ski resort, booking flights, finding accomodation, organising rentals, transport, lessons blah blah blah. We want to help make this process easier for you. Once you have filled out the Contact Form we will use the information you have provided to allocate an appropriate Instructor that can offer the guidance for your journey towards the snow.

Do I need to pay to talk an Instructor?

You don’t have to pay. Only if you decide to book a lesson will you need to pay, we offer the unique opportunity to connect with an instructor before you step on the snow however if you are just looking for some advice or have any concerns we can help.

What Questions can I Ask?

You can ask Anything! Our team has specialised training in many different areas of the snow industry so why not take advantage of it? We all know the old saying there’s no such thing as a silly question well trust us when we say even if you think the question sounds silly we can guarantee we have answered it before.

Should I take a lesson?

We would say almost 100%. We have heard it too many times, people renting a equipment and ‘giving it a go’ only to come away bruised and in a world of pain. The techniques of Skiing and Snowboarding are difficult to relate to other sports and with the added tasks of performing these on the snow is challenge, learning how to stop and change direction doesn’t come intuitively and we suggest helping yourself out by taking a lesson.

How do I book a Ski or Snowboard Lesson?

Once we have allocated in Instructor to you we encourage you to chat with the instructor directly about booking your lesson so that they can get a good understanding of what your goals are and what would be the best approach.

How can I rent Ski or Snowboard Equipment?

Depending on where you are going it may vary, every Ski Resort has its own rental system however other companies can provide quality service. We suggest talking to your instructor to organise your rental equipment so that you make the right choice.